The Essence of Citizen Journalism

9 Dec

Citizen Journalism: The concept of members of the public, playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing and disseminating news and information…

Today, citizen journalism as the embodiment of news which could be easily reached but are not in line with the conventional stages of news process, has become a widespread phenomenon.

Therefore, it is vital to debate on its advantages and disadvantages. In view of the essence of citizen journalism, it is inferred that the true expression of individuals with regards to a particular news beside the explicit content and way of concluding without interference of public sectors, are the values embodied in citizen journalism. Likewise, according to citizen journalism, news articles could be freely written from the preferred perspective with less control compared to conventional news prints. Nevertheless, it is argued that due to the possible misinterpretations, the final outcome of citizen journalism may not have the expected reliability. However, citizen journalism could not be declined and it is necessary to acknowledge its pure content derived from versatile perspectives with less regards ti any restrictions.

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