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Visual Essay…

9 Nov

This visual essay is designed and developed to highlight the current architectural and construction developments in Malaysia and urban areas besides representing the abandonment of architectural heritages, and vernacular architecture of the region. The vernacular architecture is designed based upon natural resources and is entirely in harmony with the surrounded environment. Moreover, it is designed and constructed by the users and therefore, it is fully in accordance with the expectation and desires of locals. Nevertheless, the modern architectural and urban developments are not taking these environmental and socio-cultural values into account. Hence, the users are not satisfied with the projects which are not designed based on their expectations and the environmental requirements. On top of that, the modern architectural developments are consuming lots of energies for the sake of construction and maintenance which is totally against the issue of sustainability. However, the vernacular architecture, paticularly Malay houses are a sample of true sustainable design.


The significant role of photography in a news article…

3 Nov

Richard Meier and partners are currently involved in the design of an Italian residence which is targeted to be finalized by 2014. This figure is the visualization of the 3d model of the respective building located in the actual site.

What do you think about this villa?

Does it respond to the natural site?