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22 Sep
  • How can we define, elaborate and probe “Architectural Creativity”?
  • How can we apply creative architectural trends in the context of modern design?
  • What is the role of sustainability in architectural creativity?

Referring to these research questions, it is prudent to initiate writing articles derived from various sources of information to contemplate, argue and deduce new point of views with respect to the aforesaid points.

CREATIVE ARCHITECTURE blog is devoted to the theoretical articles, design-oriented point of views and critical reviews with regards to the issue of creativity in residential architecture.

Smart Homes: Towards Creating Better Living Environments

Smart Home as a creative architectural concept is the main theme of this blog, hence, AmirHosein as the CREATIVE ARCHITECTURE editor targets to publish articles which elaborate the significant role of smart homes in the modern architecture through  highlighting the interrelated theories, challenges and contemplation.

AmirHosein GhaffarianHoseini